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Peaches Are Here!

Peaches Are Here!

Come try the REAL peach — We call it the two napkin, or juice down your arm peach!

Why can we say this?

Our peaches are tree ripened. Meaning we pick each peach when the individual peach is ripe. Peaches are picked every other day, often picking the same tree four or five times. It is a very labor intensive process, but it’s the only way to make sure our peaches are picked at the optimum time. Box stores don’t have the luxury of buying from farmers who spend this quality time and often their peaches are picked green and chemically ripened.

We also like to sell our peaches ripe but on the firm side, so they can travel home safely, Don’t worry, they have all the sweetness and flavor no matter how firm they are.

Pro Tip: If you like the juice dripping down your arm, just leave the peach on the counter for a day or two and it will soften right up. We highly suggest putting some peaches in the fridge, some on the counter so they don’t all soften at the same time.

As the only peach farmer in Rensselaer County, we raise many different peach varieties that ripen at various times so we’ll have delicious, juicy peaches through August into mid-September. Want if you want to go truly peach -crazy and freeze, can or jam our peaches — call ahead we sell by the 20-pound box as well.

Happy Peaching!

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