Harvest Baking Mixes

Something we've loved is now something we make

The New Faces of Sweets & Treats

Meet the Johnsons

We’re a century farm located in New York’s capital district growing apples, peaches, berries, veggies, and some other things.

When we got the call that Barry and Karen were planning on retiring our second thought was: where are we going to get the baking mixes our customers have loved for the past 20 years?

Not willing to give it up, we decided to take on the business and will be running it as closely to the original as we can manage.


Check out the top questions below or contact us with additional questions.

We currently have 3 options for placing an order:

  1. Submit the web form on this page
  2. Send us an email at mix@kristysbarn.com
  3. March through October leave a message with an employee at our farm stand (518) 477-6250 we will call you back to answer any questions and take your order

2021 Price – All mixes are $44.40 per case of 24 bags, plus UPS shipping costs if not picked up at our farm.   All new wholesale customers will be asked to prepay prior to shipping until a relationship is established

We have the original recipes and have been apprenticing with Barry and Karen to keep everything the same. 

Zucchini Bread Change: For the time being, we will not be adding raisins to the zucchini bread mix.

We are excited to explore new baking mix products based on what we grow and what our customers love. But first, we’ll focus on getting the hang of the business and machinery. 

Stay tuned for more.

Shipping and Pickup orders are currently available.

  • Shipping charges will be added to your invoice.
  • Pickup orders can be collected at our farm stand 2385 Brookview rd. Castleton, NY 12033. Right off highway I-90, we’re really easy to get to. No additional charge for pickup orders.

We will deliver orders of over 20 cases within a 50 miles radius for a $7 per case fee.  We have the option to decline delivery.