Capital District Community Supported Agriculture

Kristy's Barn CSA

When you become a member of our CSA, you are purchasing a “share” of our harvest and assuming some of our agricultural risks and in mid June through mid September members receive a weekly basket of fresh picked vegetables. Customer who enjoy a CSA are those who like to (or want to start) eating healthy, local and enjoy trying new recipes.new vegetables. Our CSA baskets include common vegetables, ones everyone are familiar with and enjoys, and also less common vegetables. We give recipes/websites suggestions to encourage our member to try new vegetables, and new recipes for traditional vegetables. This year, Kristy’s Barn will be offering limited memberships in two, Community Supported Agriculture, (CSA) enterprises, a Summer vegetables CSA and a Fall Fruit CSA.

8 Reasons to Join Our CSA:

  1. Nutrient-dense foods: Whether nutrition has always been part of your diet, or is a new concept, our CSA is a great way to take the stress out of shopping.
  2. New flavors: You never know what new flavors you will discover!
  3. Local: Why haul food hundreds of miles when you can get it in your own backyard? Plus fresher always tastes better.
  4. Creative cooking: New food means new recipes!
  5. Hefty haul: If it is a great year, you’ll get LOTS of food! (2020 averaged 11lbs a week, with over 7 different types of produce weekly!) Great for freezing and eating year-round!
  6. Diversity: We do our best to diversify our crops to ensure that you have enough in your baskets and on your plates.
  7. Pick-up food and friends: Weekly pickups are a great way to meet fellow CSA-ers!
  8. Sharing is caring: If your basket is too full, feel free to share it with a neighbor, friend, or set it in the basket for our local food pantry.


This 40 member CSA is a simple CSA with veggies available from the mid/end of June through the mid/end of September. Exact dates are dependent on Mother Nature. Sign-up and deposit due by March 31, balance due by May 15.  (10% charge for late sign-up)

Full Share – $630 (cash/check) $650 (online credit cards)

  • Deposit of $315 (cash/check) $325 (online cc)

Half Share – $360 (cash/check) $372 (online credit cards) 

  • Deposit of $180 (cash/check) $186 (online cc)


This 30 Member CSA will be a simple CSA with a variety of apples and pears included weekly, and our all natural pressed cider provided every other week from Mid-September through October. Sign-up and deposit due by March 31, balance due by May 15.  (10% charge for late sign-up)

Full Share – $152 (cash/check) $156 (online credit cards)

  • Deposit of $76 (cash/check) $78 (online cc)

Half Share – $96 (cash/check) $100 (online credit cards)

  • Deposit $48 (cash/check) $50 (online cc)

CSA Info:

50% deposits are non-refundable and due by March 31 – Balance due May 15

All deposit checks can be made out to ‘Kristy’s Barn’ and mailed to Matt Brizzell at – 2418 Phillips Road. Castleton, NY 12033. Please include your name, email, phone number and type of CSA share you are purchasing with your deposit.

Online credit card payments are also available.

You will receive a postcard to confirm your purchase.

Late registrations will be charged an additional 10% non-refundable fee.

Sign-up: will be on first come, first served basis.

Kristy’s Barn – (2385 Brookview Road Castleton, NY 12033) on Wednesdays between 2 pm and 6pm and/or Thursdays 9am – 6 pm. Contact us to arrange a later pickup. Any abandoned baskets will be donated to the Anchor Food Pantry after Thursday. 


If you are interested or have further questions:


As with any agricultural enterprise, weather conditions dictate the success or failure of production. As a CSA member you are accepting some of the risk associated with agricultural production. We cannot guarantee that all crops will successfully reach maturity. We are a low input producer and use limited spray in our production. We will do our best and use accepted agricultural practices to make this CSA a success.

2024 CSA is open

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