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Welcoming Amanda and Matt as your farmers!

To Our Amazing Customers and Community,

A new generation is here! We couldn’t be happier to have Matt and Amanda Brizzell taking over the farm starting its 113th season. They have the passion, grit, creativity, interpersonal skills and youthful energy that the farm demands.

Matt is a 4th generation Rensselaer County greenhouse/vegetable farmer and Amanda comes from a dairy farm background. They both went to Cobleskill for Agriculture, and have always been involved in the agriculture industry. They plan on expanding on the traditions of Kristy’s Barn and their three kids are looking forward to exploring the farm and attending CES. Matt and Amanda are looking forward to meeting customers and community members at Kristy’s Barn starting May 1st, but feel free to reach out earlier by emailing

And what about us? As things change, they also stay the same. We will be providing a helping-hand and consulting role as the Brizzells get the lay of the land. You may see Ken setting up for a farmers’ market or Kris planting combination pots and hanging baskets in the greenhouse. But we’ll also have the freedom that comes with retirement to visit our children and grandchildren over the summer, or travel during the fall.

We can’t overstate how much we’ve enjoyed growing our family and business these last three decades. We are thankful to have gotten to know so many of you in our community and we are excited for Matt and Amanda to have a similar yet truly unique experience growing their family and business on the farm.

Until May,

– Ken, Kris, Amanda and Matt

CSA Sign-ups start end of February – Season opens May 1, 2023

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